Sue Gazzara

I was born some 56 - plus years ago in Washington DC into a military family. My father was a career Air Force Officer and while the job offered us an almost yearly chance to travel, there were a few draw backs.  Let’s face it, being the “new kid” gets real old real fast!  I did it 16 - times, and spent my four years of high school in three different schools in two states. “Whew”!

Being a military brat I had to learn to observe people, quickly and closely. Believe me, in the “dog eat dog” world of elementary school it was a matter of survival. It was tough, but it showed me a truth that put me squarely on the path to writing.  Everyone is a character, and every character has a story.

 It was that love of “getting the story” that led me to journalism in the midst of the 1970’s. I worked in local TV and radio in Scranton Pennsylvania back in the days when news stories were done on film.  From there I moved into print and stayed there, working as a free lancer, staff reporter and editor.

After managing a local news web site for the past 3 – years, I’m working on contract public relations writing. I am also working on getting the stories of my particular character down on paper.  Life is change, and change can be liberating. I can’t wait to see what the next chapter brings.

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