Karen Deikun

Life is layered, and the simple events of our lives often tell a deeper story. When I write, my purpose is to show the likeness between what is observable and what is going on inside.  I’ve asked the core question “Why Am I Here?” a thousand times in my own life, spanning both the deepest of reasons, and the most mundane.

For example, I might find myself standing in front of a closet door and wonder why I am there, having forgotten what purpose sent me there in the first place.  However, almost daily, the question arises in the deepest part of my soul as well.  I try to layer these levels of meaning in my story telling.

Relationships help us define who we are and lead us to discover our purposes.  Therefore, I write about relationships.  If you want to know who I am, you will find me in my work.

I’ve been writing with purpose for about three years.  That writing is driven by a deep faith and I see all of life through the lens of that faith. To date my work includes reflections, devotionals and micro-fiction. 

Currently I’m working on a book set in 1932.  My young protagonist, Colby Pratt, has been hopping trains for over a year until he stops in Hopewell - hungry, tired and looking for a place to belong.  I think you’ll enjoy his story and hope you’ll find the deeper layer within.

Check out some of my work on www.faithwriters.com.