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According to Thy Word
by Karen Kelly Boyce

Karen’s first novel intersects the lives of three very different people and how each initially turned away from God. Will they find Him and themselves in time? $15

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Into the Way of Peace
by Karen Kelly Boyce

Seven people huddle for shelter in a church during a snowstorm. Will their hearts remain frozen to God? Karen’s second novel continues that journey of faith. $15

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Purchase According to Thy Word and Into the Way of Peace at the special price of 2 for $20.



Dream Dancing
by J.J. Lair

Pushed into the gritty world of adult entertainment by her abusive ex-boyfriend, Abby Broughton works as an exotic dancer at Babe's Go-Go Bar. Abby doesn't feel as though she's capable of anything better in life until she meets Mark Winston, a self-employed truck driver who treats her like a princess. The two begin a relationship, a whirlwind courtship, and marry. As they start their lives together, the lifeless body of one of her fellow dancers is found in a dumpster behind Babes West, another local striptease bar. While Abby adjusts to life outside the entertainment industry, a dark shadow from her past emerges, threatening everything she holds dear. Could he possibly be connected to the murders? Is Abby's life in danger, too?

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Dear Pen Pal
by J.J. Lair

After recovering from the seemingly unbearable fact that his fourth-grade pen pal is a girl, Joe Cashman is surprised to find a true friend in Caitlin. They embark upon years of faithful correspondence, at first writing only of everyday details of school and play but eventually sharing their fears and anxieties of adolescence. Finding in each other the friend and confidant they so lack in their lives at home, they grow ever closer. For reasons known only to himself, Joe ends the relationship in their sixteenth summer, breaking young Caitlin's heart. Years later Joe, now a well-known writer with a beautiful girlfriend and an exciting job, finally, unexpectedly, meets Caitlin through a mutual friend.

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Whispers in the Pines: The Secrets of Colliers Mills
by Karen F. Riley

This non-fiction books explores the history and environment of one of NJ's oldest and largest wildlife management areas. Learn why Amelia Earhart jumped from a tower here and about ghost towns that no longer exist. Colliers Mills is the northernmost part of the Pine Barrens and this book is a "must-have" for Pine Barrens enthusiasts!

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