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Karen Kelly Boyce

Born in Jersey City, NJ on Labor Day in 1952, I lived in a cold-water flat on Bright Street until I turned six. My father, a truck driver, brought a cape cod in Woodbridge, NJ as the crime rate in the city rose.

Enrolled in St James Grammar School until graduating in eighth grade, I learned my faith and my love of reading at the hands of the Sisters of Mercy. Only a few blocks away from the Barron Library, I spent most of my summer days and weekends lost in the stories and biographies of famous people. A tomboy, only the draw of a well- told story could keep me in my room and it was not unusual for me to read four books a week. My father took me to weekly confession and Mass and my small Catholic world surrounded me in the safety of the fifties until graduation.

The culture shock of public school and the wild sixties led me away from my first loves of church, reading, and writing as I grew through my teenage years in the upheaval of all values. I lost myself in the Beatles, new age beliefs, environmental issues. The only part of my faith that remained was the belief that we were made to help others. That belief led me to graduate as an RN in 1974.

Disco dancing across a floor pulsing with light, I met my husband and married in 1975, becoming Karen Kelly Boyce. A bicentennial baby was soon joined by a baby born in 1980. The family registered in St Veronica's Parish, but the truth of faith did not hit me again until I was baptized in the Spirit. After going through a Life in the Spirit Seminar, I found peace and eternal love in the faith that would sustain me.

In 1990, I became very ill and unable to walk, and was treated for MS wrongly for a year. My condition worsened until I was diagnosed with end stage Lyme Disease. I was unable to work as a nurse anymore.

As a disabled person, my love of reading was rekindled and my love of writing born again. All of my writing is based on the characters. I love to develop my characters into true people with deep spirit and personality. After my characters are developed, I place them in situations that test them. They are so real to me that the story of how they react and interact in the given situation takes on a life of its own. I enjoy watching the story develop, as much as the reader. I liken the experience of writing a good novel to watching a great movie. I can't wait to write each day just to see what will happen. Hopefully, it will surprise me.

I joined the Jackson Writers Group last year, and met the publisher of my first novel, According To Thy Word, as a guest speaker. Even better, I have met so many friends whose talents never cease to amaze me. Their encouragement keeps me writing.

According To Thy Word for sale on their site as well as my second novel,

Click here to purchase According To Thy Word or Into the Way of Peace.

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